Who we are

Some Words About us

We are a new fast-growing Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Sanitizing Company, Family owned and operated. Committed and dedicated to help families and business to provide the cleanest environment possible by not just cleaning but sanitizing, for the people we all love and care the most.
And because we understand that keeping them all away is virtually impossible, we have created a Smart Cleaning Solution, to help you clean in a better way your home/business areas, giving you the confidence that when we say is clean, it really is!! .

What We Do & How it Works

We come to your home or business and after the cleaning we will use our powerful dry steam sanitizing system, that expels a high heat water vapor at around 300*F, capable to kill germs, allergens, listeria, bed bugs /their eggs and so on at the contact.
And the best of all, is that is 100% CHEMICALS FREE!!
This amazing and ECO FRIENDLY SYSTEM has the capability to reach tiny cracks and crevices where is not typically easy to clean, and due to the very low moisture content in the vapor, it dries almost immediately.

What We Offer

Service daily, weekly, biweekly, deep cleaning Monthly, One- time cleaning.
We know everyone’s needs AND BUDGET are different, so we offer a few options to fit your needs.